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We are continuing to add products to our online store, so please check back regularly! Right now we are selling a variety of handmade textiles from a cooperative in San Juan La Laguna, Ixoqui Ajkeema. Each product is unique; every women makes a different pattern, and each products is hand made with the traditional Mayan weaving techniques. Our "natural dyes" products are made with eviormentally friendly dyes found from plants local to Guatemala. We are currenlty working on integrating shipping, so for now, shipping is free!

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When you say "hand made"....
"Hand made" is a bit of a misnomer for Mayan weaving, because it involves not only the hands, but the entire body. After making the plant into thread, as seen in the first picture, women use the type of backstrap loom seen below to create high-quality and unique fabrics, from which they sew all our products.

Lago Atitlan Scarves

Our specialty is the beautiful Lago Atitlan scarves, whose blue stripes evoke the waves of the Atitlan Lake small towns including San Juan surroud. Each scarf is handmade in the same method used for centuries by the Mayan women, and each woman's design is unique. Weaving is a central part of Mayan culture, and their methods are part of a Mayan cultural tradition passed down for centuries. Help support Weave A Dream through this very fashionable hand-made product. Each design is named after some part of the Mayan religious world view (English translation given below). Here's the general size and shape of the scarf:

Each woman in the cooperative makes a slightly difference pattern. Here's the patterns we still have in our inventory:
Pattern #1-"Kaqulja" ("Storm") Darker Blues and Grays

Pattern #2- "Be Ik" ("Path of the Sun") Very dark and light purples with intermittant blue stripes

Pattern #3- "Mejmek" ("Wave") Pale and dark blue stripes mixed with alternating with teal and purples


Pattern #4-"Kajulew"-("Earth-sky")

Pattern #5-"Najachel" ("Lake Atitlan")

Pattern #6-"Kumatz" ("Serpent")

Pattern #7-"Kowirik" ("To become strong")

Pattern #8-"Tun Kaj" ("Volcano")

Pattern #9-"Bix" ("Happiness")

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Pattern #10-"Pakpatik" ("Dawn")


Used as shawls for cool nights in the Atitlan Lake, these warm and bright pieces can be used on cold nights as oversized scarfs or wrap-arounds.


Perfect for a cute purse with some personality. All include zipper and inside pocket. Measurements do not include strap.

"Violet and Blue Tones" purse:10in. X 7in. X 2.5 in. "Watermelon" purse: 10in. x 6in. x 3in.

Large Purses

These large, highly functional purses, with unique designs are great to use for book bags. All include zipper. Measurements do not include straps.

Bright Color Totes

Stand-out unique bright colored totes, great for office or school supplies. All include zipper and sturdy straps.


Used by men in Guatemala to carry their farming tools or machetes, the two patterns feature the tzii', or dog, a Mayan astrological symbol, and the Quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala.

Natural Dye Totes

The dyes for these large totes are made from plants found in Guatemala. Highly functional, fashionable, and enviormental.

Natural Dye Pashminas

Warm, large scarfs dyed naturally with plants found in Guatemala. Coming Soon!

Earth Tone Scarfs

Classic light scarfs, each with a unique pattern. Coming Soon!

Application for the 2009-2010 Winter Break Cultural Exchange Trip are up now! Download a copy 2010 Trip Application

Want more information about this year's trip? Come to an information session this week on Friday, October 29th at 1pm in the lower level 2 of the Diana.

Weave A Dream is proud to be working with La ComUnidad, an organization the supports women's jewelry cooperatives. Look for their products in the store section soon!

Want to learn more about Guatemalan culture and San Juan La Laguna? Try these links:

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